Facilities for education and research

All classrooms and labs are equipped with the latest in modern technology, which is conducive to the university’s policy of up-to-date effective educational standards.The university’s educational system runs off of the LAN system with all staff and students having access to the internet, enabling local, domestic and international communication for the expanding global concepts of telecommunications.

The Florence Nightingale Library is also equipped with the latest in modern technology as well as an AV corner, microfiche rooms, and study rooms.Using LAN, information on any of the 60,000 books on campus can be accessed.

Clinical practice is conducted at Miyazaki Prefectural Hospital, Miyazaki Prefectural Hospital for the Disabled, as well as numerous nursing homes, daycare centers, and other centers of care giving. Extensive clinical practice experiences are being offered to help foster the growing idea of cooperation between all sectors of care providers and their services.