Professional Educational Courses

Foundamental Nursing I ( Principles of Nursing and Basic Skills )

Principles of Nursing, Nursing Care, Nursing for Disaster(Catastrophy/Trauma) , Nursing Thanatology, Seminar on the Principles of Nursing, Issues in Basic Nursing Care

Foundamental Nursing II ( Pespectives of Professional Nursing )

 Nursing for Infection Control

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing ( Features of Abnormal Thoughts and Understandings and its Relationship to Nursing )

Nursing Care(Mental Health/Psychiatry), Issues in Psychiaric Nursing

Community Health Nursing ( The Features of Our Environment nad Nursing )

Principles of Community Health Nursing, Home Care Nursing, Community Health Nursing Care, Issues in Home Care Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Public Health Nursing Care, Nursing Practicum(Home Visit/Community Management)

Family Nursing ( General Theory )

Family Nursing

Family Nursing I ( The First Life Stage and Nursing)

Nursing Care(Maternity) , Issues in Maternity Nursing, Nursing Care (Children), Issues in Pediatric Nursing, Basic Midwifery, Practical Midwifery, Midwifery Administration, Midwifery Practicum, Midwifery Practicum(continuance case study), Midwifery Administration Practicum

Family Nursing II ( The Second Life Stage and Nursing )

Nursing Care (Adults), Issues in Adult Nursing

Family Nursing III ( The Third Life Stage and Nursing )

 Nursing Care (the Aged), Issues in Gerontology Nursing

Basic Professional Educational Courses

Introduction to Humanics Nursing

Understanding Diseases for Nursing Care

Humanics in Nursing I (Internal Structure of the Body)

Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Pharmacology, Application to Clinical Nursing, Laboratory in Physiology and Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Laboratory in Microbiology and Pathology

Humanics in Nursing II (Internal Structure of the Mind)

Disease and Treatment, Human Development Science, Human Mental Growth and Development, Psychopathology, Mental Health Science, Principles of Medicine, Health Science

Humanics in Nursing III (Internal Structure of the the Society)

Public Health and Epidemiology, Community Health Networking, Health Control and Legislation, Economics of Medical Care, Medical and Nursing Information, Bioethics and Medical History, International Nursing, Health Control and Legislation

General Educational Courses

Natural World & Nursing

Space and Earth Science, General Life Science, Nature in Miyazaki, Ecology, Principles of Statistics, Basic Natural Science

Human Society & Nursing

Sociological and Ethical Norms, Nation and Law, Social Welfare and Economy, Informatics, Life and Sports , Health and Sports Science

Respecting Individuals & Nursing

Introduction to Comparative Cultural, English Conversation, English , English Composition , Advanced English, Readings in English, Reading, Advanced Reading, Extensive Reading, Reading Comprehension, English Expression, English for Study Abroad, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Spanish,  Arabic

Culture & Nursing

Philosophy of Study and Learning, Life and Science, Studies on Local Culture in Miyazaki, The Method of Language Expression, Japanese Communication, Tradition and the Arts, Modern Tanka, Japanese Literature and Thoughts, History of Modern Literature, An Introduction to Counseling, Japanese Literature, Modern Thought, Principles of Music Theory, Music Laboratory, Introduction to Creative Teaching, Studies on Human Development, Pioneers of Miyazaki, The Culture of Miyazaki, Human Study

Clinical Nursing Practice & Research

Introduction to Human Care, Basic Nursing Practicum, Nursing Practicum( Mental Health/ Psychiatry/Community Health/Home Care/Maternity/Children/Adaluts/the Aged), Comprehensive Nursing Practicum, Volunteering in Nursing, Consideration on current topics of interrest, Nursing Administration, Nursing Education, Nursing Reseach Methodology, Advanced Nursing Practice, Undergraduate Thesis