For the purpose of academic and educational development, our university has ongoing exchanges with institutions abroad with three aims: (1) broadening the perspective of our faculty and students through information exchanges with our sister universities, (2) disseminating our university’s nursing approach, and (3) expanding our network internationally through academic and educational cooperation.

We currently have academic and educational exchange agreements with seven institutions.

  • Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Nursing, Thailand
  • Chosun Nursing College, South Korea
  • Ewha Womans University College of Nursing, South Korea
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University, Department of Nursing, China
  • Ichsan Medical Centre Bintaro, Indonesia
  • STIKES Bani Saleh Bekasi, Indonesia
  • Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

We also support overseas training for students with the support of regional contribution research promotion. The Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarship Program provides funds for students to study abroad on independent research projects during the semester breaks. We offer short-term study abroad group programs as well, in which more students can freely experience the culture of life in other countries.

Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarship Program

This program is an opportunity for students wanting to take on the challenge of learning abroad based on what they have learned at our university. Students are recruited through the submission of original study abroad plans, which are screened with interviews, if necessary. In most years, two students are typically accepted to receive scholarships to support them in covering (part of) the cost of studying abroad.

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

We offer several programs to help our students expand their horizons and learning through intercultural experiences.

Hosting Programs

We host Thai exchange students from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Nursing for a week in mid-May, during which time the CMU students are hosted by our students. Since 2016, we have also been hosting a visit from Korean nursing students from Chosun Nursing College in December.

Research Exchange

MPNU faculty members also have research and educational exchanges with universities abroad.