Our History

1997 Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University established
(Faculty & Department of Nursing)
2000 Graduate Program approved
2001 Graduate Program established
(Master’s in Nursing)
2002 Academic Exchange Agreement formed with Ewha Womens University, Korea
2004 Doctoral Program approved
2005 Doctoral Program established
(Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing)
Academic Exchange Agreements formed with Xi’an Jiaotang University, China, and Chiang Mai University, Thailand
2013 Certification as an Institution for Infection Control Nursing Education
2014 Infection Control Nursing Program established
2016 Special Course in Midwifery approved
Academic Exchange Agreement formed with Chosun Nursing College, Korea
Certification as an Educational Institution for Nursing Management (Third Level)
2017 Transition to Public University Corporation status
Special Course in Midwifery established
Nursing Management (Third Level) Program established
2018 Academic Exchange Agreements formed with Ichsan Medical Centre Bintaro,
Indonesia, and STIKES Bani Saleh Bekasi, Indonesia
2019 Academic Exchange Agreement formed with Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
2022 Master’s Program Practitioner Training Course established

Faculty, Enrollment Numbers


Department Faculty
General Education Courses Culture & Nursing 2
Respect for Individuals & Nursing 2
Human Society & Nursing 2
The Natural World & Nursing 1
Adjuncts 1
Total 8
Basic Professional Educational Courses Nursing Humanics I 4
Nursing Humanics II 1
Nursing Humanics III 1
Total 6
Professional Educational Courses Fundamentals of Nursing 4
Psychiatric Nursing 3
Public Health Nursing 6
Home Care Nursing 1
Maternity Nursing 3
Pediatric Nursing 2
Adult Nursing 3
Gerontological Nursing 2
Clinical Practice & Comprehensive Courses 3
Midwifery Course 3
Adjuncts 9
Total 39
Total Faculty 53

Student Enrollment

    Year Students
Undergraduate Program   1 105
  2 104
  3 103
  4 98
  Total 410
Midwifery Program   15
Graduate Program Master’s Program 7
Doctoral Program 8
  Total 15
Total Enrollment 440