Research Activities

Research Activities

Ongoing Research

Through the wide range of fields of research represented at our university, we aim to establish a scholarly foundation of, an educational methodology of, and individualized patient care in nursing. It is also our goal to contribute to the local community through our research.

For a comprehensive list of individual faculty research themes and keywords, please see our Faculty Profiles:

General Education

  • Improving education in non-nursing content courses for nursing university students
  • Biological and motion analysis, and preventative exercise programs for the elderly

Basic Professional Education

  • Nursing-related nutrition education and infection control
  • Sleep quality, suicide prevention, and epidemiology of non-communicable diseases in the community
  • Applications of physiology to nursing care

Clinical Skills & Infection Control Training

  • Computer-assisted instruction (CAI)
  • Teaching methods in infection control nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing

  • Developing education for nursing skills acquisition
  • Self-evaluation in nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation in the psychiatric ward
  • Improving nurses’ self-management of their own mental health

Public Health Nursing

  • Public health nurse in-service training
  • Prevention of lifestyle-related illness in the community

Home Care Nursing

  • Regionally-oriented nursing development (home nursing personnel training)
  • Issues in clinical practice instruction related to continuing nursing care

Maternity Nursing

  • Support for adolescent health issues (menstruation and sexual problems)
  • Mother-daughter relationships in the perinatal period

Pediatric Nursing

  • Childcare support for working nurses
  • Child-raising support through play spaces

Adult Nursing

  • Research on nursing support for people living with HIV
  • Nursing support in patient and family decision-making

Gerontological Nursing

  • Caring in cancer nursing
  • Cerebrovascular disease nursing

Special Course in Midwifery

  • Midwifery diagnosis and training
  • Premenstrual syndrome