Education and Research

Our Campus

Facilities include the Administration Building, which houses the main office; the Education and Research Building, where classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, and faculty offices are located; the Florence Nightingale Library; the Student Union with cafeteria; and the Takaki Auditorium. Our campus also has a gymnasium and workout room, an athletic ground with a 250 meter track, a soccer field, and three tennis courts.

An Ideal Learning Environment

Our relatively small campus has been designed to create an atmosphere where students and faculty can freely communicate together. Enveloped by nature and located near the University of Miyazaki, our campus helps to form an environment of learning.

Education & Research Facilities

To support our students’ productive learning, all lecture and nursing practice rooms have audio-visual equipment installed, and our campus intranet hosts a nursing learning system geared toward group work and self-evaluation. The Florence Nightingale Library also provides a wide range of books and journals, and it includes a comprehensive audio-visual corner. As of the year 2020, our university is fully integrated utilizing the Microsoft Office suite for institutions, and online classes can be conducted through Microsoft Teams.

  • 1 Center Promenade
  • 2 Takaki Auditorium
  • 3 Student Union Building
  • 4 Gymnasium
  • 5 Florence Nightingale Library
  • 6 250m Track
  • 7 Tennis Courts
  • 8 Education and Research Building
  • 9 Faculty Parking Lot
  • 10 Administration Building

Campus in Pictures


Our open campus stands at the top of an elevated rise and enjoys an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. While not large, the campus is a peaceful learning environment enveloped by nature.

The campus is divided into six main buildings surrounding a center promenade: The Takaki Auditorium, the Florence Nightingale Library, the Education and Research Building, the Gymnasium, the Student Union Building, and the Administration Building.

Our Campus in Pictures

Center Promenade
Center Promenade

This spacious central courtyard provides a meeting place for students to interact.

Takagi Auditorium
Takaki Auditorium

Named after a doctor from Miyazaki, Takaki Kanehiro, known for contributing to the history of nursing education in Japan, this 430-seat auditorium is the setting for university ceremonies as well as public lectures and events.

Florence Nightingale Library
Florence Nightingale Library

Serving as the central research hub of the university, the library holdings can be searched online from both on- and off-campus. The library also connects students and researchers with multiple online repositories and databases by which to search for the most up-to-date research. The library, itself, includes space to hold 100 thousand books, journals, and magazines.

Student Union Building
Student Union Building

The campus cafeteria, as well as a small shop, is located on the first floor. Student club and activity rooms and the student government meeting room are located on the second floor.


A full 1,600 square meters, students can enjoy volleyball, badminton, basketball, and other sports. There is also an active dance circle which practices using the large mirror also located in the Gymnasium. The facility is also equipped with showers and a fitness room including exercise machines and free weights.

fitness room
Fitness Room

Used both for Physical Education courses and by students for individual exercise, the Fitness Room includes stationary bikes, exercise machines, weight training machines, and free weights.

Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts

Located just outside the Gymnasium, our campus has three tennis courts used both for Physical Education courses and for practice by the student tennis club.