Students’ Experiences

Students’ Study Abroad Experiences

Chiang Mai study abroad program & Chiang Mai student hosting program participant
What I Learned From My Two Experiences
Aoi Ni’iro

I volunteered to host a Chiang Mai student and joined the study abroad program at Chiang Mai University. Living together for a week as a host volunteer, I felt the difference in our cultures and ways of thinking. In the study abroad program, I visited the hospital, a health center, and a childcare center attached to the university. There I learned about the nursing care methods specific to Thailand, as well as the differences in our ways of thinking about care. I want to make use of this valuable study to become the kind of person who can understand and cooperate with others in this modern age of internationalization.

San Jose study abroad program participant
What I Gained From My Homestay in America
Akari Tokumine

I joined the two-week San Jose study abroad program. Through my homestay, I experienced the daily lives of Americans and realized the differences in our lifestyles and customs.
I was also able to meet with a variety of people through site visits to an elderly care facility for Japanese Americans and a local high school. I had a chance to learn about American nursing by visiting hospitals and interacting with nursing students. I want to apply this valuable study to my nursing practice in the future.