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Student Study Abroad Opportunities

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

We offer study abroad programs to help broaden students’ perspectives in Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United States. Our students experience life and nursing in local communities under the guidance of instructors. They also interact with people of different ages and learn about different lifestyles and ways of thinking.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai University Exchange Program

This is an ongoing exchange program with the Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, with whom we have an academic exchange agreement. During the ten-day program, through lectures, facility tours, and site visits, students learn about nursing, medical care, and nursing education in Thailand, as well as differences in customs and cultures. Students gain an understanding of Thai culture through spending time with CMU students outside of class.

Korea Homestay & Intercultural Experience Program

While participating in a homestay, students spend about one week in South Korea experience life and culture and an exchange with the department of nursing at a local university.

America Homestay Program in San Jose, California

In this program, students can experience intercultural exchange by interacting with local people, nurses, and nursing students through site visits to San Jose State University, a local high school, and an elderly care facility. This program lasts about 10 days, during which time students stay with local families.

Indonesia Study Program

Lasting about 10 days, this program provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of nursing, health care, and cultural exchanges at different medical facilities, institutions, and sites.