Research Grants

Research Grants

Funded Research

Below is a list of recent Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research awarded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

For a comprehensive list of individual faculty members’ research themes and keywords, please see Faculty Profiles:

Scientific Research Grants

Primary Researcher Duration Project Title
Hitomi Yamagishi 2018-2022 Visualization of the nursing concept of exercise and rest as life activity in patients with intractable neurological diseases
Michiko Tanaka 2019-2022 A program to introduce sleep-promoting care and improve quality of life in menopausal women
Chieko Shimauchi 2019-2022 Examination of quick-drying hand sanitizer usage to prevent reduction in effect of sanitization
Mou Nagasaka 2019-2022 How sleep changes affect next-day performance
Mayumi Hamasaki 2019-2022 Development of a mental health program for childrearing mothers suffering from premenstrual syndrome
Atsurō Kushima 2020-2022 Proposal of a sustainable long-term care prevention exercise program tailored to the elderly person’s level of vigor
Chiho Takeda 2021-2024 Development of a local nursing workforce and infection control support system for crisis management of emerging infectious diseases

Early-Career Scientists Grants

Primary Researcher Duration Project Title
Noriko Matsumoto 2019-2022 Development of a support program for mothers’ acquisition of child-raising ability
Joel Hensley 2019-2022 Creating intercultural communication materials for nursing education through mixed-method development of a cross-cultural nursing inventory
Erina Katsuno 2019-2022 Extracting competencies for infection control nursing in undergraduate education
Shūji Takahashi 2019-2022 Development of a lifestyle improvement support model for unmarried men utilizing a social support network
Eriko Hayashi 2020-2022 Processes of facial expressions associated with nursing care using mixed research methods
Tomomi Kawano 2022-2024 Support for strengthening the health care system of continuous employment type B support facilities: Based on actual needs

Research Activity Start-up Grants

Primary Researcher Duration Project Title
Harumi Kōri 2022-2023 Effects of hot cloth warm compress on foot joints to prevent falls in the elderly